1. Click in the Salary box.
2. Enter your salary, in the Salary box. Example $50,385 entered as “50385”.NOTE: Salary can only be entered in whole dollar amounts only.
3. Tab to or Click in the Years Of Service box
4. Enter the number of years of service. example 20 years entered as “20”.NOTE: Years of Service can only be entered in whole years only.
5. Tab to or Click in the Annual Pension Box.
6. Your Annual Pension, Monthly Pension and years 1, 2, 3 & 4 totals with interest will be calculated automatically. The Lump Sum Payout with interest has an approximate .045 rate of error. If you would like to erase the current information and try again, click on the Erase and Recalculate button below.
7.These “Plan D” Calculated Figures are Only Estimates.