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I encourage you to visit for a list of upcoming events and news for active and retired officers. We are doing our best to keep it updated daily, sometimes more than that.

Message from the President

Updated August 29, 2014

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day. The Labor Movement is alive and well in Philadelphia. The fact that most workers are off on weekends is clearly a dividend of the power of organized workers. Police officers, sworn to protect and serve, will work around the clock this weekend to keep the citizens of Philadelphia safe. I want to thank them for their service. I am proud to be their President, President of the greatest Labor Union in Philadelphia. We are great because of our membership, the job they do now and have done for the people of Philadelphia. Enjoy your weekend and keep in mind the workers who have paved the way for us now in the Labor Movement.

JOHN J. McNESBY, President
Fraternal Order of Police

Updated July 31, 2014

John McNesby is proud to announce that the 2014-2017 ACTIII Arbitration Award has been released. John would like to thank the neutral arbitrator for his attention to all the evidence and the promptness of the award he rendered.

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Updated July 25, 2014

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